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New Video: Accelerating Evidence to Outcomes

The need to disseminate and implement ‘what works’ in healthcare is at an all-time high but there exists a gap in capacity and infrastructure at many hospitals and primary care clinics to seek out best practices through the literature and implement them successfully within their normal care processes. The rate limiting step in implementing healthcare improvement strategies is the speed with which research discoveries are implemented into practice.

In this video blog, ISRN Director Dr. Kathleen Stevens, EdD, MS, RN, ANEF, FAAN discusses two resources in place to speed research discoveries into practice and improve patient outcomes.

1) The ACE STAR Model of Knowledge Transformation

2) The Improvement Science Research Network

The discussion will guide scientists and clinical scholars in employing evidence-based practices and conducting improvement research in their settings.This 34 minute video addresses these key points:

  • The ACE Star Model as an organizing model of knowledge transformation…from research to practice
  • How education of the current and future workforce is evolving to meet the needs for systems thinking, quality improvement, and patient safety, and
  • The contributions being made by a new field, the Science of Improvement.

The video was produced by the University of Texas Health Science Center Video Production Team.

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