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November TeamSTEPPS Workshop Open for Enrollment

Contributed by Mike Mulcahey, MA, AT/ATC, NREMT, Xavier University Sports Medicine

The TeamSTEPPS Master Training Workshop provided an invaluable opportunity for me to break down my own unique silo and engage so many other healthcare professionals.  Throughout the entire process our collective group was put into an environment to learn and collaborate with each other as we learned not only the key structure pieces of TeamSTEPPS but also how to develop the concepts within our own respective systems (eg. hospitals, universities, etc).

As the training unfolded and we were able to identify where we were potentially stronger and where some growth opportunities existed, we shared professional and personal experiences.  This not only allowed us to correlate the material to real life application, it provided meaningful substance. 

The staff was very effective in orchestrating great team dynamics and also provided our group of seven with time to plan how we would implement the newfound way of thinking at our university.  As a result, we were able to discuss our challenges and opportunities with the group and gain their insight.

I would highly recommend this training for any and all healthcare practitioners as well as health service administrators.   

Mike attended the November 2012 TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Workshop that was hosted by the Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. If you are interested in TeamSTEPPS® Master Training, sign up for the November 7-8, 2013.

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