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Where to Publish Your Results... What's Your Opinion?

QUESTION: In what journals can articles on translational science, quality improvement initiatives, dissemination and implementation research, delivery systems science and other emerging healthcare fields be published?

Through this BLOG, the ISRN, fueled by discussions of the CTSA Nursing Special Interest Group (SIG), invites YOUR thinking about ‘where to publish manuscripts’ in the emerging fields of translational science, quality improvement studies, dissemination and implementation research, and newly-dubbed fields such as delivery systems science. The challenges for reaching readership emerge from the nature of the work: For example, the work is interprofessional, crosses academic-clinical-management lines, and often utilizes research designs other than RCTs. In T3-T4 research, there is the added question of whether quality improvement projects produced ‘new knowledge’ that is suitable for publishing (AKA, did it need IRB approval).  With the recent shift in the research enterprise precipitated by the NIH CTSA program, journals as dissemination channels are newly evolving and/or emerging to publish manuscripts in these fields. 

The need to disseminate improvement research in peer-reviewed literature
is widespread. Dissemination of QI initiatives will aid in the wide spread implementation of effective improvement strategies. However, clinical researchers and academic researchers alike are having difficulty in identifying target journal for the publication of their improvement strategies. Following a discussion of channels for dissemination of translational and improvement science articles, the CTSA Nursing Special Interest Group (SIG) in partnership with ISRN, is amassing your thinking about the best places to publish.  As an outgrowth of the discussion, a preliminary list of journals was assembled by ISRN member and STAR-2 research collaborative site principle investigator Heather L. Tubbs Cooley, PhD, RN, and ISRN Director,
Kathleen R. Stevens, RN, EdD, FAAN, along with the ISRN Coordinating Center.

YOU ARE INVITED to add your favorite journal in these fields, comment on those journals listed, and help grow a list for all to use.  Also, comment on the challenges you see.

To add a journal or comment, enter the information in the COMMENT BOX and click SUBMIT.  After brief processing, your comment will be viewable by all.  If you agree to be identified as the contributor, please include your name in the box. 


American Journal of Medical Quality

American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ) is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal for those practicing, teaching, and conducting research in the field of clinical quality improvement. AJMQ publishes research studies, evaluations of the delivery and management of healthcare, and reports on changes in the field of medical quality, utilization, and risk management, clarified with graphs and tables. More>>

BMJ-Quality and Safety

BMJ-Quality and Safety (previously Quality & Safety in Health Care) is an international peer review publication providing, news, opinion, debate and research for academics, clinicians and healthcare managers. It encourages innovation and creative thinking to improve the quality of healthcare and the science of improvement. More>>

Health Affairs

Health Affairs is the leading journal of health policy thought and research.
The peer-reviewed journal was founded in 1981 to explore health policy issues
of current concern in both domestic and international spheres. More>>

Health Services Research

Health Services Research (HSR) is the flagship publication of the Health Research & Education Trust and an official journal of Academy Health. HSR publishes reports of original investigations that expand understanding of the wide-ranging field of healthcare financing, organization, delivery, and outcomes of health services through publication of thoughtful, timely, rigorously conducted, state-of-the-art research and thinking and improve the health of individuals and communities. More>>

Implementation Science

Implementation Science is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal
that aims to publish research relevant to the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare in clinical, organizational or policy contexts. More>>

International Journal for Quality in Healthcare

The International Journal for Quality in Healthcare makes activities and research related to quality and safety in healthcare available to a worldwide readership. The Journal publishes papers in all disciplines related to the quality and safety of healthcare, including health services research, healthcare evaluation, technology assessment, health economics, utilization review, cost containment and nursing care research, as well as clinical research related to quality of care. More>>

Joint Commission Journal of Quality and Safety

Published monthly, The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to providing health professionals with the information they need to promote the quality and
safety of healthcare. More>>

Journal for Healthcare Quality

The Journal for Healthcare Quality (JHQ) is the first choice for creative and scientific solutions in the pursuit of healthcare quality. The publication strives to continuously advance healthcare quality practice in diverse and changing environments. View the topics of interest and resources for authors. More>>

Journal of Nursing Administration

JONA™ publishes peer-reviewed information on developments and advances in patient care leadership. Content is geared to nurse executives, directors of nursing, and nurse managers in hospital, community health, and ambulatory care environments. Practical, innovative, and solution-oriented articles provide the tools and data needed to excel in executive practice in changing healthcare systems: leadership development; human, material, and financial resource management and relationships; systems, business, and financial strategies. More>>

Journal of Nursing Care Quality

JNCQ provides practicing nurses, nurses in leadership roles, and other healthcare professionals with new information and research on
patient safety, quality care, evidence-based practice, and more. More>>

Journal of Patient Safety

Journal of Patient Safety is dedicated to presenting research advances and field applications in every area of patient safety. While it has a research emphasis, it also publishes articles describing near-miss opportunities, system modifications that are barriers to error, and the impact of regulatory changes on healthcare delivery.  It spans across the breadth of health professions and from bench to bedside. More>>

Medical Care

Medical Care focuses on healthcare administration.  It is devoted to all aspects of the administration and delivery of healthcare. This scholarly journal publishes original, peer-reviewed papers documenting the most current developments in the rapidly changing field of healthcare. This timely journal reports on the findings of original investigations into issues related to the research, planning, organization, financing, provision, and evaluation of health services. More>>

Pediatrics (now has a dedicated section for QI papers)

Pediatrics is an official peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The journal is intended to encompass the needs of the whole child in his physiologic, mental, emotional, and social structure, publishing original research, clinical observations, and special feature articles in the field of pediatrics, as broadly defined. Contributions pertinent to pediatrics are also included from related fields such as nutrition, surgery, dentistry, public health, child health services, human genetics, basic sciences, psychology, psychiatry, education, sociology, and nursing. More>>

Translational Research, The Journal of Laboratory
and Clinical Medicine

Official Journal of the Central Society for Clinical Research

Translational Research delivers original investigations in the broad fields of laboratory, clinical, and public health research. Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary in scope, it keeps readers up-to-date on significant biomedical research from all subspecialties of medicine. More>>



I've been checking through the Health Science Center Libraries' e-journal subscriptions to see if I can find additional suggestions. Here are a few you might want to take a look at, to see if they meet your criteria. The following links will allow UTHSCSA students, employees & clinical faculty to access these journals both on-campus and off-campus:

I'll keep looking for more, and I've asked my library colleagues to add suggestions as they come across them.

By the way, I also wanted to offer the following for the benefit of blog readers who are UTHSCSA students, employees or clinical faculty: the links in the blogpost above may allow you to access the journals while on our campus, but may not work for you off-campus, so here's an alternative set of links to most of the journals above that will allow you to explore these journals while off-campus as well, using the Health Science Center Libraries' subscriptions:

<li><a href=""><i>... Journal of Medical Quality</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" Quality and Safety</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" Affairs</i></a></li>

<li><a href=""><i>Health Services Research</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" Journal for Quality in Healthcare</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" of Nursing Administration</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" of Nursing Care Quality</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" of Patient Safety</i></a></li>

<li><a href=" Care</i></a></li>

<li><a href="

<li><a href=" Research</i></a></li>

Here are a few more:

  • Journal of Quality in Clinical Practice
  • International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine
  • International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
  • Healthcare Benchmarks and Quality Improvement

<p>The following Journal was contributed through the <em>CTSA Nursing SIG</em> by <strong>Pamela H. Mitchell, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN</strong>,<br />
The Robert G. and Jean A. Reid Dean in Nursing (Interim),<br />
Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems.</p>
<p><br />
<a href=" The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation</a></p>
<p>Health Care: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation is a quarterly journal. The journal promotes cutting edge research on innovation in health care delivery, including improvements in systems, processes, management, and applied information technology.</p>
<p>The journal welcomes submissions of original research articles, case studies capturing &ldquo;policy to practice&rdquo; or &ldquo;implementation of best practices&rdquo;, commentaries, and critical reviews of relevant novel programs and products. The scope of the journal includes topics directly related to delivering healthcare, such as:</p>
<p>&bull; care redesign<br />
&bull; applied health IT<br />
&bull; payment innovation<br />
&bull; managerial innovation<br />
&bull; quality improvement (QI) research<br />
&bull; new training and education models<br />
&bull; comparative delivery innovation</p>

Here are few about integrating and examining the effect of technology and systems on patient care and all other nursing and health related issues (technology in education, research, etc.). International Journal of Medical Informatics Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

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