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Web Seminar: “Improving Our Work IS Our Work” Case Study Follow Up

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013<br />
1:00-2:00 pm CST</h2>
<p>This web seminar presented successful case studies in follow up to the most popular web seminar on <a href="">Improving Our Work IS Our Work: Creating a Climate for Improvement</a>.</p>
<strong>Part I:</strong> The Macro, From the Top Down &ndash; National VA Improvement Initiatives</li>
<strong>Part II:</strong> The Micro, From the Bottom Up &ndash; Applying the VA Improvement Structure at the Local Level</li>
<p><strong>Featured Presenters: </strong></p>
<p><strong><img alt="" src="/sites/" style="width: 100px; height: 139px; margin: 3px 10px; float: left;" />Mark Albrecht, RN, MSN</strong> &ndash; Director, Integrated Accreditation, Office of Quality, Safety, and Value, Veteran&#39;s Health Administration</p>
<p>As Director of Integrated Accreditation for the VA, Mark Albrecht is working to coordinate the work of external accreditation bodies with internal VA improvement and consultative resources, with the goal of creating a coordinated, proactive, risk-identification and reduction model leading to high-reliability for VA health care. Prior to coming to the VA, Mr. Albrecht was Director of Operations Excellence for The Joint Commission, where he led many internal improvement projects for TJC, including the redesign of the Periodic Performance Review into the current Focused Standards Assessment model. Mr. Albrecht&rsquo;s career in health care quality spans more than 20 years, including experience with the use of Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in leading improvement efforts in health care settings.</p>
<p><img alt="" src="/sites/" style="width: 120px; height: 162px; margin: 3px 10px; float: left;" /><strong>William &quot;Ike&quot; Eisenhauer, BS Mechanical Engineering, MEng Systems Engineering</strong> - Chief of High Reliability Systems and Consultation [acting], and National Director of Veterans Engineering Resource Centers [VERC]</p>
<p>William &ldquo;Ike&rdquo; Eisenhauer, MEng SYSE, BSME the National VERC Director, has been with the VA for five years, previously the Chief of Systems Engineering at the Portland VA Medical Center. In addition to his role as overseeing the VERC program he is a professor of Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Engineering Technology and Management at Portland State University, where he focuses on reliability engineering, engineering statistics, design of experiments, and health care systems engineering. His research interests include Adaptive Belief Management, Shared Resource Constrained Data Envelope Analysis, Conflict Under Deceptive Irrationality, and Sustainable Quality Management Program Development. His previous experience has been in the areas of business process redesign, management science, and analytics in a number of various industries, including financial, entertainment, printing, and political surveying. He previously held positions as a Senior Risk Manager and Head of Loss Mitigation at Wells Fargo Home Equity. As a veteran US Naval officer he served as an instructor and the first Director of the Computer Managed Instruction Department at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command.</p>
Event Materials &amp; Downloads</h2>
<p><a href="" target="_blank">View Recording</a> (Go To Webinar)</p>
<p>Helpful hint: To view the recorded web seminar right click the link and open in new tab. You will be redirected to GoToWebinar and asked to fill a brief registration form.</p>
<p><a href="/sites/" target="_blank">Presentation Slides</a> (pdf)</p>

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