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TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Workshop

TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Workshop


San Antonio, TX


The Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice is hosting a TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Workshop.

The 2-day workshop reflects newly-released 2.0 curriculum updates from AHRQ for learning strategies related to team structure, communication, leading teams, situation monitoring, and mutual support to improve team-related knowledge, skills, and outcomes. The course also provides an overview of TeamSTEPPS® in primary care settings. For more information on TeamSTEPPS® 2.0 click here.

TeamSTEPPS® is a powerful evidence-based solution to improving patient safety through team performance. For more details about TeamSTEPPS® and how it can be integrated into your organization contact  (in the subject line indicate: TeamSTEPPS) or call 210-567-3135.


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TeamSTEPPS® Master Training Workshop
San Antonio, TX

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