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ISRN Blog: Member Spotlight Sonya Osborne

Last year, Sonya R. Osborne joined the ISRN Coordinating Center for six weeks as an international visiting scholar. “The advantage to me, as a researcher in the early stages of my post-doctoral career, is that I was immersed in a nationally funded research center that focuses on evidence-based practice and the science of improving patient outcomes. It was advantageous to be immersed in the workings of ACE to understand the development and support of the ISRN. The experiential approach to learning about the ISRN helps to enhance my knowledge and skills in the area of developing successful research collaborations.”

“My clinical specialty is perioperative nursing and my research interests include evidence-based practice and the efficiency and effectiveness of translating and implementing best evidence into practice,” says Dr. Osborne. “I want to develop a research program where evidence-based practice is integrated into and sustained in perioperative nursing practice and I think where these intersect strongly is in the area of patient safety and improving patient outcomes. Improvement Science is the natural extension of this program...”

As a part of her experience at the ISRN, Dr. Osborne was actively involved in a number of operational aspects of the center. Dr. Osborne contributed to the development of a learning module about Team Science and Research Collaboration, compiled resources for the Compendium of Research Instruments, and added to the annotated bibliography database in the eReading Room.

Sonya R. Osborne RN, PhD, MRCNA MACORN, Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


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