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New Year, New Conversations

New Year’s Resolution: I will add to the national and international conversation about healthcare improvement research!

Happy New Year and welcome to the ISRN Blog!

This new feature meets one of the most important needs of multiple disciplines collaborating to advance improvements: Interaction!

Because broad-based conversations speed the trek to excellent healthcare and patient safety, the ISRN Blog is open to all.  

The objectives of the ISRN blog are to provide a forum for scholarly exchange, announce relevant activities and opportunities in the field, disseminate knowledge, and highlight important topics in improvement science. Open to all, the ISRN Blog is an opportunity to share wisdom from experience, offer and seek expertise, and engage in discussion of challenges and successes in improvement research.

As the ISRN Coordinating Center team serves these interests, we are eager to publish discussions about current events and specific topics of high relevance to the ISRN work. Some of the Blog topics are:

  • Conducting Improvement Research in Clinical Settings
  • Growing Capacity for Improvement Studies
  • Interprofessional Research and Practice
  • Overcoming Barriers to Clinical Research
  • Quality Improvement
  • Patient Safety
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Frontline Engagement in Quality Improvement
  • Coordination and Transitions in  Care
  • High Performing Clinical Systems and Microsystem Approaches to Improvement
  • Evidence-Based Quality Improvement and Best Practice
  • Learning Organizations and Culture of Quality and Safety

Comments to Blog posts are welcomed so that our improvement science community will grow. Comments will be moderated following the ISRN Blog Guidelines. All are encouraged to comment on blog posts. ISRN members can share accomplishments and activities, publications of interest, presentations at conferences, research methods, and study results.
Potential members can also comment on Blog topics.

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