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Where to Publish Your Results... What's Your Opinion?

QUESTION: In what journals can articles on translational science, quality improvement initiatives, dissemination and implementation research, delivery systems science and other emerging healthcare fields be published?

Meeting the Challenges of Quality Improvement Research

During the inaugural Improvement Science Summit, Dr. Carolyn Clancy* spoke of the challenges that face improvement science, particularly the difficulty of integrating evidence into clinical practice. In her keynote address Dr. Clancy stated that “research will not yield improvement unless research results are adopted and hardwired into practice.’’ Three years later we still recognize the challenge to test effective ways to spread and implement improvement strategies.

Is my QI Project a Research Study? (Do I need IRB Approval?)

"The challenge for us and regulatory boards is to ask the key questions when we examine our studies to determine whether we go to IRB1” Dr. Christine A. Goeschel.

Rapid Transformation Requires Dismantling Silos

Partnership between clinicians and scientists raises the clinical relevance and rigor of research on improvement strategies. Through collaborative efforts the priorities of clinicians are served by the evolving research enterprise as we evaluate improvement strategies for uptake and sustainment. Unfortunately collaboration does not come easily as silos exist in healthcare.

New Year, New Conversations

New Year’s Resolution: I will add to the national and international conversation about healthcare improvement research!

Happy New Year and welcome to the ISRN Blog!


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